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Animal Feeder Morning Shift (Feeding, Cleaning Stalls)

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Sandy Hills Stables

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Are you interested in working around horses, cows, goats, and more? Are you interested in a future as a veterinarian? Well working at Sandy Hills Stables is a great job experience to have. Staff members will work on a farm located in Camden, SC, and work with over 20 animals during their shift. As a feeder you will learn how to have patience with animals, how diets differ based on characteristics of an animal, how to multitask under stressful situations, and more. Working as a feeder is hard work, but it is a rewarding job, not only because of the experience but because of the new skills you will learn. Our horses are trained therapy animals, meaning they are more calm and easier to work with. Many of our horses have curious and loving personalities that you will come to enjoy as you settle in at the stables. Duties (morning): - Feed animals with their specific dietary needs - Move animals in the barn to their designated paddocks or pens - Distribute hay to each paddock - Clean out the barn stalls and lay new bedding if needed - Make sure gates and doors are locked (our cows are curious sometimes)

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