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Rahjon Acey

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En persona y virtual



Servicios prestados

Individual Therapy, Teen Therapy





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Aceptando nuevos clientes

Sobre Mi

Since graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2008 with my Master’s degree in Social Work, I’ve been fostering change in people through a client-centered approach. I specialize in working with clients who present with emotional and/or spiritual challenges. I enjoy using a collaborative conversational style that evokes change since I don’t have all the answers, but instead the tools to help you find the answers that are right for you. My ideal clients are individuals who allow me the opportunity to help teach them how to use those tools from a therapeutic perspective. With my client-centered traits of empathy, warmth, humor, compassion, and communication skills, I've been able to help clients overcome their most challenging circumstances. Having the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds has molded me into the non-judgmental and mature therapist that I am today. With my Christian faith as a moral compass, I’m confident we can develop a positive therapeutic alliance that will provide you with the change you’re looking for.
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