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Forms & Paperwork

Below we have provided PDF documents and links of important forms for use by new and existing patients, primary care physician offices, and insurance companies. We have also included two complimentary mental health assessments.

Please returned all signed documents to 800-915-8615 (F) or email to

Adult Intake Form Registration Document

* For first time clients and needs to be filled out before intake session.

Child Intake Form Registration Document

* For clients under 18 and needs to be filled out by parent before intake session.

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

* If your card on file needs to be changed, this is required.

Annual Update Registration Documents

* Allows our office to get updated information on current clients.

Patient Referral Form

* Physician offices, law offices, and insurance companies can use this to refer clients to us.

Beck's Depression Inventory Form

* Get a feel for where your emotions are.

Beck's Anxiety Inventory Form

* Get a feel for where your anxiety is.

Self Harm Survey

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